§ By: Rod §
Every day you listen on the radio or watch on TV that people say: “The politicians voted for…”; “A politician declared that…”. And in your home or school you listen things like“Politicians are (here goes your favorite bad word)”, but Who are the politicians?, why NOBODY likes them? How do they help us? Do they really work?

The truth is that talking about politicians or politics is complicated and people don’t like them because the most of them are dishonest, but not all of them. In order to understand what a politician is, first we have to know what the heck politics are, but we will need a lot of columns. This is precisely the purpose of the section “What the heck!”where we can understand more about politics (also called ‘La Polaca’).

You must be wondering: “Why should I care about this?” Well, you should care. In the first place because politics, in spite of its bad reputation, are the way that all the citizens have to solve problems, agree about some issues, to apply laws and more. In other words, politics are for you, for me and for everyone. In the second place because sooner or later you’ll be 18 years old and you’ll have to vote too.

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