By PETRA BRAUN | Illustrator

This week, Austrian World Summit took place in Vienna. It‘s a climate change initiative of Arnold Schwarzenegger, with the goal to reach more peoples awareness for climate change and the presentation of concrete solutions.

Petra Braun |

Climate activist, Greta Thunberg was invited as speaker and is joining todays #FridaysForFuture protest march and speaking there as well. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Greta Thunberg at Austrian World Summit 2019.

Also joining for the first time, scientists for future and artists for future will march in solidarity with the youth to emphatize the urgency of the situation.

The march has started at 11:55 am from Heldenplatz / Vienna.

Petra Braun |

The use and over-exploitation of natural resources by humankind has taken on an unprecedented extend. EU ESPAS Study says:

“if the temperature rises by more than 1.5 degrees we have to face even more droughts, floods, extreme heat and poverty. Forest fires will reach uncontrollable dimensions, migration will rise tremendously and the people will accumulate in the cities”.

Petra Braun |

UN IPBES-Report says out of the 8 million animal and plant species that exist worldwide, about 1million is threatened by extinction.

It‘s time for action, before it‘s too late.